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David Wilson

There’s Some Hockey In You


Frankie and Levan

Zach Witness

Buy a Thing, Sell a Thing


Good Ideas Deserve to be Found


Thank You, Listeners

Spotify Premium


Paloma Faith

Better Than This

Paloma Faith

It's All So Incredibly Loud

Glass Animals

You're It

Nike Kids

Comme Si

Christine and The Queens

Never Ask

Nike Russia

What Women are Made of

Nike Russia

A Musical Film

Dita Von Tesse ft Sebastien Tellier

We Exist

Arcade Fire

Money + Love

Arcade Fire

Face ID


Do I Wanna Know

Artic Monkeys

Let it Happen

Tame Impala

The Bay


Out of the Black

Royal Blood

Bright Shiny


Do it, Try it


Cancer Slam

Race for Life

Lady Gaga Priority







St Vincent De Paul

I Tried to Talk to You

Hercules and Love Affair

David Wilson is a London based director. He’s most well known for his music video work, creating work for artists such as Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, David Guetta, Lady Gaga, Metronomy, Royal Blood, Tame Impala, Paloma Faith and Dita Von Tesse. David was crowned Best Director at the UK Music Video Awards and had a Grammy Nomination in 2015 for his video for Arcade Fire, "We Exist."

He is also has an impressive reel in the Commercial world, having won a Cannes Gold and a Eurobest Gold for one of two commercials he has done for Nike Russia, "What Women Are Made Of" as well as working with brands including Apple, Ikea, O2, Nike Kids, M&S and Cadbury's.

As a talented illustrator he takes great enjoyment from crossing disciplines between animation and live action, often combining the two to create something totally unique. His most recent projects to have taken this approach are ‘Good Ideas Deserve to be Found’ for Facebook through Droga5 New York, and ‘Thank You, Listeners’ made in collaboration with Spotify in-house creative.